Taking Resposibility

January 13, 2012 followingjesus4life

Although I’ve been in recovery for my eating disorder for almost four years, I’ve never really taken responsibility for it.  What I mean by this is that I never kept up with healthy eating or healthy exercise.  But, now, this is something that I’m interested in doing.

My church is having a 21 day of prayer fast.  Some people are giving up certain foods, some people don’t eat during certain times, etc.  I’m not going to give up eating during certain times or anything like that because I don’t want to do anything that will mess up recovery and possibly risk a relapse.  Some of the youth do things like giving up TV, computers, or just facebook.  Well, here’s my idea:

I want to attend a Zumba class every Monday and a PraiseFit class every Thursday. This is giving me two days a week to really get my heartbeat up and work out.  The rest of the week I’ll just do work at home with my weights and stretching and Blogilates videos.  I don’t want to go overboard and get unhealthy with anything.  I just want to add exercise to my routine and get healthier.  It’s also been helping, I’ve noticed, as I decrease my Cymbalta.  The side effects/withdrawals haven’t been anywhere as bad as when I wasn’t exercising.

As part of the “fasting” when it comes to food, I’m going to set up rules as to fast foods and restaurant eating.  I really want to stay away from all fast foods, but my roommates and I sometimes go out to eat at a restaurant after church or something like that.  For the 21 days I really want to concentrate on eating salads and grilled chicken only when eating out, or other healthy alternatives.  As for my normal eating, I’m going to eliminate all caffeinated sodas, replacing them with Sprite or Fanta, and I want to increase my water intake.  I really want to increase my vegetable intake because right now I really don’t eat any.

It looks like this is more of an addition to everything than a fast, but I feel like this is what I have to do.  Get rid of the unhealthy ways and get healthier…this is what I have to do.  Opinions/suggestions?  I would appreciate any and all of them!!!


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