January 7, 2012 followingjesus4life

I’m really dedicated towards some goals right now, which, in a way, is a bit weird for me.  Yes, sometimes I’ll have some things that I’m working towards, but I never really put them in a goal form.  If whatever I want doesn’t get accomplished, I’ve learned to just shrug it off and accept defeat.

These aren’t resolutions, because those always get broken, and I don’t want these to be things that I start and just stop.  Some aren’t really hard at all, I’ve just never worked towards accomplishing them.  Here are some of them:

1.  Wash my laundry, stick it in the dryer, and fold it and put it away right away (instead of letting it sit in a hamper for days waiting to be folded and done).
2.  Go on Thursday nights to exercise at church, but never get obsessive over it.  Stretch and do my weight workouts twice a day (which adds up to about 30-45 minutes worth of stretches and muscle working).
3.  Watch what I’m eating and really try and get all the meals in a day in a healthy way, cutting down on my soda intake and taking in plenty of fruits and vegetables.
4.  Learn.  Learn more about myself, putting myself into the Word, praying, and following God’s Word.
5.  Trust those around me and stop running away when things get hard.

These are just a couple beginning things I want to work out, but I think that they will be harder to keep up once time goes on.  I just have to remember that even as slight as these may be they will make me a better person!


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