My Love For Gino

September 4, 2011 followingjesus4life

For the many people who don’t know, my sister’s fiance, Gino, passed away from cancer this past Memorial Day. It was a two year battle that we pretty much knew he wasn’t going to win. At his luncheon, after the final viewing, I read something aloud to everyone. All his friends sat at one table, his father and that side of the family at another, his mother and family at another, my family with Katie at another, and many extended members of my family filling up others. I’ve grown to know him over the past decade, having to put up with him through puberty and the many fighting that him and Katie went through. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can look back at what I wrote without totally breaking into tears, but being able to slightly smile, reminiscing on all the memories. Yes, it still being a tear to my eyes, but I know Gino’s in a better place, resting in Heaven, watching all of us. Here is what I wrote:

Katie and Gino have had a relationship filled with love, respect, and admiration. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to dedicate his life to caring for one of my younger sisters like Gino. Despite being terminally ill he never gave up the fight, and never gave up showing his love for her. Even that was obvious to me all the way down in Florida. The comments that were always on Katie’s facebook from Gino were the sweetest, and it sometimes lead to me having to cry.
I will always consider Gino a brother, not just Katie’s fiancé. He continue to touch my heart through the almost decade I’ve known him. I remember the Easter he came to see me the time I was in the hospital, taking time out of the holiday when most others didn’t. When my father was sick with cancer Gino did everything in his power to not only support Katie when she was upset, but support the family as well. And then, when Abby was born, he truly took on the role of an older brother and not just of a friend of the family, changing Abby’s dirty diapers way before Katie ever developed the courage to try. It was even him and Aunt Shawna who invented the “duct tape diaper” when on a trip to the park Gino was too lazy to go and walk the seven blocks home for another diaper. Poor Abby. But I know deep in my heart it was all out of love.
Not only did he play the brotherly role to Abby, but he also definitely played the older brother to Nora in that he had to approve all her boyfriends. Anytime he disapproved what she was doing, he let it be known. Thank God for Gino when I couldn’t be around. Oh, and Gino, by the way…Nora says she’ll never forgive you for throwing up on her feet on Prom night.
Even though Gino’s body will be sitting in Katie’s living room, spending his time with Penny the clown when Katie’s at work, his spirit will always remain in our hearts. I cannot imagine going on without him, but I know he would never want any of us to give up. God took his soul to Heaven where he will rest for eternity until it is our time to join him. Gino will continually look down on us as our guardian angel, protecting us from harm. Don’t worry, because I’m sure while he’s looking down on his loving and caring companion Charlie, he’ll watch out for your pets as well! Charlie was his friend in time of need and it truly showed how much of a “dad” Gino was to that dog!
It’s not fair what Gino went through and the pain he had to endure. None of us will ever understand why, but throughout it all it was obvious he did it with bravery, strength, and hope. I will forever respect Gino in how he fought, always smiling, and never showing weakness. Rest in peace forever, Gino. And hey, do us a favor and remove the gum under our shoes.


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